New address – good ending of Year 2011


Last year was a fruitful year for JM LABUS Group. We noticed a great interest in our services and products what had an important influence on our financial results. Because of the high quality of our services, our Clients have had very satisfying results as well. Thanks to that more and more companies see that the way we introduce the products to the Polish market impacts directly the development of the companies that have trusted us.

Because of all above and thinking of the present and future needs of our Clients, as well as maintaining high standards of our services, JM Labus has extended its team and invested in a new office infrastructure where we develop our activity.

Thanks to a bigger space that we have now, we can offer to our Clients new services like organizing meetings with all the Polish partners at one place, organizing seminaries or symposiums and a „show room” of our clients’ products in a place dedicated specially to that. Last year we included to our services a logistics one by renting a warehouse in Tychy, a city situated a few kilometres away from Katowice, where we store the products and spare parts for machines, what guarantees quick service to Polish clients.

What is more, for a few months we’ve had our own technical staff that gives support in all the installations and systems we offer. This technical staff stays in Katowice and helps us to provide quick support by qualified engineers, always when needed.

In the second half of last year we hired Czech and Slovak speaking consultants what lets us work actively in Czech and Slovak markets.

All of that gives us great hope and we believe that it will bring even more success to our Clients and us.

We would like to inform you that we have made all the changes needed in our official registration and now the new address of our companies is:

JM LABUS sp. z o.o. / JM LABUS Sp. z o. o. sp. k.

Grabowa 2

40-172 Katowice


Please, do feel very welcome to visit us in our new offices!