An Accouut of Techmeeting 2012


The 14th Annual Technical Diving Conference took place on 4-5 February 2012 in Bratislava. This year Techmeeting was organized by Petr Kubička. For the first time the event took place in a hotel and thanks to that the lectures were given in two rooms at the same time. Additionally, during the breaks, the participants had a possibility to visit the stands with diving equipment.

This year‘s edition  was mainly dedicated to cave and wreck diving and many speakers enhanced their presentations with photos and accounts of their own expeditions.

During the conferencen their own experiences presented amongst others Krzysztof Starnawski, Phil Short, Bill Stone,  Daniel Hutňan, Tomasz Stachura, Pascal Bernabe and Nick Toussaint.

During these two days the participants had also an occasion to listen to the problems of decompression and proper use of rebreathers,that still are not popular among technical divers.

Another attraction of the conference were the lectures given by František Novomeský – a hyperbaric medicine doctor – about accidents caused by failures in using diving equipment.

Obviously, during the conference there were also other attrations prepared for the participants. On Saturday night there was a party that lasted till late night hours and on Sunday afternoon  there was a prize draw. The prizes were founded by exhibitors and sponsors of Techmeeting. The event finished at  6.00 P.M.

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