Participation of JML Diving on the conference Underwater Works 2013


From 18th to 19th of October 2013 a conference „Underwater Works 2013” was organized in Gdynia under the auspices of the Maritime Authority Director in Gdynia. In a beautiful, modern building of the Pomeranian Science and Technology Park, many representatives of Polish and foreign institutions and companies dealing with underwater works had their presentations. The participants could obtain a lot of valuable information when it comes to current laws and their planned changes, learn about norms and regulations related to the safety of the underwater works, their organization, medical cover, equipment certificates, etc. They could also consult the offer of the companies providing underwater equipment.

JML DIVING in this area can recommend the CO2 absorbent Sofnolime, used  for closed circuit diving and decompression chambers as well as sorbents for decompression chambers and used while underwater welding.

During the conference the Association of Underwater and Hydrotechnological Works was created, member-founder of which is one of our representatives. The organization established as its main goals to protect the interests of companies dealing with underwater works, popularize knowledge about the safe utilization of the hydrotechnological equipment, rules, norms, attestations and technological requirements within the sector, as well as the activation and integration of the underwater and hydrotechnological works companies.