Baltictech 2017


On 25th and 26th of November 2017 there was another edition of the Baltictech conference, an event aimed at recreational and technical diving from Baltic Sea basin.

Despite of the name referring to the Baltic Sea, divers and people specialized in diving medicine from Italy, Great Britain, Ireland, Egypt, Canada, South Africa and New Zeland were present. This proves the international scope of the conference, which attracts more and more people for each edition.

High-level lectures, multifaced issues and a great organization are those things that make this conference become so popular among divers. A significant part of the lectures was about rebreather diving, which is becoming a standard in cave and wreck diving, with deep wrecks. A number of lectures were dedicated to the CO2 absorption by scrubbers in CCR and SCR systems, issues especially interesting for us. The results of few scientific studies held in different parts of the world presented the advantages of Sofnolime over other available absorbers.

We’d like to congratulate the organizers for the perfect organization and rising interest of this event. We’d like to thank all visitors of our stand for creating a great athosphere.

JML-Diving na Baltictech 2017