About company

Our activity is divided into two business lines:

Offer for the diving sector: JML Diving

Offer for the medical sector: JML Respiro

From the beginning of our work we are adhering to the principle, that every activity should give satisfaction. Our passion is diving. We know, that during staying in this incredible environment, the matter of safety is the most important.

Appropriate safety level gives a sense of comfort under water and improves satisfaction. That is why we in our choices always adhere to reliability of used equipment and accessories. When we use safe equipment during diving, by appropriate training we can enjoy the satisfaction from the successful dive.

Our company JML DIVING sp. z o.o, which was set up by two enthusiasts of diving occupies with distribution of products directed at widely understood diving sector. Our offer focuses on the specialized products, directed at advanced technical and professional divers and solutions for diving people, who have high expectations among their equipment.

Our office is located in Katowice in Higher Silesia, from where we service Easter and South European markets. Products, which we offer, are characterized by excellent quality, confirmed by a large amount of tests and obtained certificates. Used by us and many other divers in the world, every day prove their quality and excellent parameters.

We serve both retail and wholesale customers. Our priority is always the quality and fast service to the customer. For that reason we use the most advanced solutions. To offer fast delivery and low transportation costs our warehouses are located where our clients are located. Our informative web site is located at, but the sale platform for retail customers and companies is located at
Our offer is thoroughgoing – we offer only products from recognized producers – leaders in their sector.

The satisfaction of our customers is our priority.

JML DIVING sp. z o.o. specializes in serving the recreational and professional diving sector, military sector and safety sector, where there is a need to clean the air that people breathe. Our sister company – JML INDUSTRY sp. z o.o. specializes in Molecular Products applications for industrial sectors of production of hydrocarbon fuels, noble gases, etc.