Molecular Products

We are the exclusive representative of Molecular Products in Poland, Czech Republic and Slovak Republic.  We distribute all products’ portfolio.

Why Molecular? Molecular Products is an appreciated world producer of soda lime Sofnolime, which has being produced air purification products from over 80 years. Basing on the long-term experience, the company created a large offer of products, which supports breath safety in all situations linked with diving, what makes sure, that is one of the market leader.

 Beginning from rebreathers and ending on deep diving systems, all specialised solutions were created in a close cooperation with diving equipment suppliers from all over the world. Many years of working on evolving products resulted in  know-how, thanks that Molecular Products’ employees can help you in solving new-appearing  problems of the final users.

The permament process of evolving our products ensures, that Sofnolime® products of Molecular Products achieve better parameters than competitors’ products do. Optimal formula and appropriate production process cause, that powder’s  capacity  in products we offer is much lower than an average achieved value in the sector. It guaranties higher productivity and absorber’s longer  working time.