Shipwreck Festival of Lodz 2012


The third edition of Shipwreck Festival of Lodz was held on 25th of February 2012 in the building of theTechnical University of Lodz.

The event enjoyed a great interest among divers, not only those from the central Poland.

The reason of that were the prominent guests invited by the organisers.

One of them was Richie Kohler – the legend in the wreck divers’ world, one of the discoverers of german U-Boat wreck  off the coast of New Jersey, who has worked on many passionate wreck projects, i.a. related with the real reasons for the Titanic sinking.

Richie gave two lectures about his discoveries and projects. He also donated a fork  found on Andrea Doria’s wreck that was auctioned off for charity.

The second prominent  guest of the festival was Leigh Bishop – one of the best wreck divers and underwater photographers in the world.

During his two lectures he described his own experiences in diving on wrecks that hadn’t been seen before by any diver and the unidentified ones, i.a. those lying in English Channel and  on the northern coast of Ireland.

Both lectures were richly documented with magnificent underwater pictures. These two prominent guests at the moment are diving with rebreathers that allow very long bottom times on very large depths. They report that majority of technical divers abandon the open circle and use rebreathers.

In the event there were also polish eminent wreck divers. The lectures were presented by i.a. Bogusław Ogrodnik, Marcin Trzciński, Łukasz Piórewicz, Tomasz Stachura and Adam Wysoczański.

The other interesting lectures were related to the history and diving on wrekcs lying in The Dardanelles, that were provided by Polish-Turkish group of historians, divers and archeologists.