Presence of JML-Diving on the conference “Safety of the diving equipment and underwater works”


From 10 to 11 of December 2012, representatives of our company took part in the conference “Safety of the diving equipment and the underwater works” organized by The Polish Ship Certification Division inc. In Jastrzebia Gora. The conference was directed especially to the manufacturers and distributors of the diving equipment as well as to the companies operating in the diving and under-water works area. The aim of the conference was to share knowledge and experiences in the matter of diving equipment safety, rescue means, safety requirements, and also Health and Safety rules when it comes to underwater works. During the two-day session it was possible to hear some experts from PRS inc, Regional Inspectorate of the Commercial Inspection from Gdansk, Maritime Office from Gdynia and independent experts with long experience in this branch. Safety of our customers and users of our products is our priority. Thanks to the information obtained during the conference we could expand our knowledge in this area.