JML Diving at VII International Shipwreck Festival


Last Saturday, on 11th of February 2017, the 7th edition of International Shipwreck Festival was held in the halls of Warsaw University at Krakowskie Przedmieście Street.

New, catching localization, in the beautiful historic building of the University, in the city centre of the Polish capital, has attracted new attendants, although the regular visitors from previous editions in Łódź were not missing neither.

This year’s edition included 24 lectures, held in 4 halls and gathered many outstanding guests from Poland and abroad. As the title of the festival, the majority of the presentations were about the history, discovery and diving exploration of amazing shipwrecks, among others USS Monitor – The Civil War Iron Clad Battleship, the ancient shipwreck of Antikythera, Austro-Hungarian battleship SMS Szent Istvan, shipwreck of Empress of Britain, Baltic Sea frigate Huis te Warmelo or the breath-taking shipwreck of HMHS Britannic – the sister of Titanic.

Besides, some presentations were about technical matters related to diving – technical dive planning, underwater photography, photogrammetry and 3D. Two lectures were about diving on rebreathers – very popular devices for deep diving and exploration of big shipwrecks.


The company JML Diving – partner of leading producer of soda lime Sofnolime – Molecular Products Ltd – had a booth during the festival. We’d like to thank all for your visit!

We hope to see you soon, at other diving conferences!